Mind Meld 202 | How Fear Becomes Power with Kyle Buller of Psychedelics Today

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Therapist and Psychedelics Today co-founder, Kyle Buller returns to the mind meld!

Kyle joins us to chat about turning fear into power, why so few people travel a meaningful life path, his near-death experience, making physical things more sacred, how to avoid getting addicted to toxic psychological patterns, guilty lockdown pleasures, and more!

When the topic of fear pops up it seems to, inevitably, be in the context of why it’s pointless. Why it’s antithetical to a life well-lived. But sometimes fear is just what you need– An invitation to courage.

For instance, there’s a key moment in the archetypal hero’s journey during the rising action of the story known as ‘seizing the sword.’ The most obvious example of this being when Luke gets his lightsaber. We all know the significance of that fated moment. In a way it’s a catalyst for everything that was to come. But Luke didn’t take up the weapon because he moved beyond his fears. He accepted it with full knowledge that, if anything, things were about to get much scarier.

But that’s what it takes. The hero always has to go into some manner of dark forest where the beasts lurk and the demons play. A place where death is a palpable possibility. Of course this is metaphorical of our own situation. We too have to seize the proverbial sword in a way. More specifically, we have to find verbs that resonate with the essence of who we are. We’ve got to sharpen those activities until they become a weapon with which we can pierce new possibilities.

I know– this all sounds grandiose and abstract so let’s look at a real-life example of a man hacking away at the shadowy thicket— Kyle Buller. He’s the co-founder of the Psychedelics Today media platform. He’s also a therapist and a generally insightful, lovely dude.

In this mind meld we about why so few people seize the sword, how we can bring sacred things back into life, why might be getting addicted to fear through the viral crisis, and much more!

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