Mind Meld 64 | Emanations From the Unconscious with Jungian Psychologist, Dr. Michael Daine

Dr. Michael Daine is a licensed Psychologist, former Assistant Director at the C.G. Jung Institute of Houston and a radio host. His philosophy and practice a synthesis of myth, mysticism and modern medicine.


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I’m generally hyperbolic about this mind meld. I’ve had a lot of conversations with a lot of fantastic humans, but rarely do I get swept up in wonder the way I did several times throughout this mind meld. You know when you see a Judo practitioner flip another human effortlessly using their own momentum? That’s how I felt speaking to Dr. Daine. He Judo-ed and reoriented a my curiosity and awe back in on itself to the point where it became a fractal-feedback-wonder-loop. Which, by the way, I’m still joyously stuck in.

I’ve speculated about lot of the Jungian-shaded esoterica on the show before (the collective unconscious, archetypes and lucid dreaming), but never with a Psychologist really steeped in the stuff, hence my hyperbole!

Musings in this mind meld include – 

  • How alchemy applies to the human mind
  • The power of symbols, myth and language
  • Why the Jungian paradigm is still not only valid, but hugely important to understanding ourselves
  • There’s not a pill for the human condition and why mainstream psychology is problematic
  • Archetypes, dreams and decoding you own unique symbol structure
  • What is the shadow-self?
  • What is the collective unconscious and the subconscious mind?



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