The Meaning Crisis, Shadow Work, and Extended-State DMT with Alexander Beiner | Mind Meld 355

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Author of The Bigger Picture and co-founder of Rebel Wisdom, Alexander Beiner enters the mind meld!


Making sense of the human condition is, at best, a juggling act. Making sense of the human condition within a hyper-connected info-sphere that panders to your bias and base instincts… that’s an emergent, unsolvable sense-making puzzle that we’re all left to cope with.

Luckily, there are existential balms in the form of human beings like Alexander Beiner. He commands a wide breadth of knowledge across many disciplines — philosophy, psychology, sociology, and spirituality, to name a few. He blends them all together beautifully in this mind meld and throughout his new book, The Bigger Picture. Alexander also participated in a groundbreaking study at Imperial College London, in which, participants were given extended-state, high-dose, intravenous DMT. His experiences, as you’ll hear, were profound.

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