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Mind Meld 128 | Crushing Chaos with Kyle Kingsbury

For rewards and podcast extras, become a patreon patron! Kyle Kingsbury is an tetrahedron novelty– He’s a former UFC fighter and football player. He’s Chief Optimization Officer at Onnit Labs, host of the Human Optimization Hour podcast, as well as an enthusiastic psychonaut. LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER  Give us a psychic smooch by leaving us a 5 star review […]

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Mind Meld 20 | RESONANCE, with Cory Allen

Cory Allen is a sound-smith, a meditation maestro and the host of the Astral Hustle podcast. LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER This mind meld is a love letter to everyone making the art, reading the books, having the conversations, or diving into experience. It’s also blazing-hot laser of vitriol directed toward the demagoguery, fear-mongering and fast-food philosophy […]

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