Mind Meld 125 | The Hidden Gurus of the Mountain with Jennifer Sodini

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Social sage, author, entrepreneur and world-traveler, Jennifer Sodini returns to the mind meld to share fantastic, treacherous and synchronistic tales from her recent trips to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and Ayahuasca retreats!


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Paradigm-rattling, undeniable, self-shattering, hilarious, heartbreaking experiences are the nucleus of this show. They’re what compel me. They’re some of the very few phenomena I consider to be sacred.

That said, I don’t directly interface with that sort of thing nearly often enough. In fact, when I’m at my worst, I piss away my time. I neglect the valuable jewels of existence that I just mentioned. I skip meditation, I procrastinate, I generally fall out of touch with habits and lessons that I know to be of paramount importance.

At times like those, when I’m particularly out of touch, it’s time for another dip. It’s time to handle the sacred jewels again (don’t you dare take that as a double entendre you dirty oaf!).

More specifically, it’s time to dive headfirst into the mystery and go somewhere novel. It’s time to travel in either inner or outer, physical space, preferably both. A balance between going in via meditation and/or entheogens and actual geographic travel. That’s what does the ontological trick.

I really think the latter, physical travel, is just as important as the former. Travel along with the right mindset soaks you in just how incredible and vast everything is and, by extension, brings into focus how shaky and vulnerable we are as individuals. That perspective is important.

That’s why I’m so very excited about this mind meld with my homegirl Jenn Sodini (you may have heard her on the show before on this episode or this episode). She’s the founder of Evolve and Ascend and the author of the upcoming book and oracle card set Amenti Oracle. Jenn also just returned from a wild trip to Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Countries that contain some the of the holiest and most beautiful yet rugged places on the planet. Her tale has it all– Danger, romance, synchronicity, cosmic downloads and massive re-contextualization! 

Musings in this mind meld

  • Travel as a tool for self development
  • Synchronicity seems to strike on travels
  • Jenn’s wild trek on Mt. Kailash
  • Why high altitude is so dangerous
  • The craziness of traveling in Tibet under Chinese occupation
  • We, in the west, forget how lucky we are in terms of philosophical agency, speech and creative freedom
  • The ancient use of the swastika and how it was subverted
  • The consciousness altering act of climbing Kailash
  • Extremely close call on the mountain– never climb in high altitudes with out these things!
  • Green Tara 
  • The majesty of Bhutan
  • How synchronicities followed Jenn to an Ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica
  • The Buddhist concept of “no soul”



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