Mind Meld 178 | The Other Side of Death’s Door with Kyle Buller

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In this mind meld, therapist and Psychedelics Today co-founder, Kyle Buller joins us to chat near-death experiences, the hugely overlooked power of breathwork, communing with the trickster archetype and much more.


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This media vessel has summoned another spectacular sentient sack of stardust to the mix. His name is Kyle Buller. We met in New York at the WITMA event a couple of weeks back and he’s an all-around lovely, insightful human— He’s a therapist with expertise in the physiological, psychological and psychedelic impact of breathwork. He’s also the co-founder of his own media vessel which you may have heard of, Psychedelics Today. They’ve too have a pod, a website and socials, definitely do the necessary keyboard mudras to check them out.

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