A Dose of Hope — Psychedelic Medicine and Sense-making with Dr. Dan Engle | Mind Meld 279

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Fountain of knowledge and healing, Dr. Dan Engle returns the mind meld!


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Dr. Dan Engle is a psychiatrist with a clinical practice that combines aspects of regenerative medicine, psychedelic research, integrative spirituality, and peak performance.

He’s also lived in the jungle with Ayahuasca shamans and explored his consciousness more thoroughly than almost anyone I know. 

Get Dr. Dan’s new book A Dose of Hope– A Story of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy here.

In this mind meld, we muse about the budding phenomenon of psychedelic medicine, sensemaking by straddling the worlds of science and wonder, the importance of using multiple philosophical lenses, our need for multifaceted healing, why integration is so vital, and more.

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