Tag: Futurism

Mind Meld 88 | Shadow Potentials with Michael Garfield

For rewards and podcast extras, become a patron Writer, musician, artist, and Future Fossils host, Michael Garfield returns for another technodelic tete-a-tete on the future, evolution, personality cults, the angelic/demonic potential of technology, Bitcoin and many more musings! LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER Sometimes the line between visionary and madman is pretty thin, maybe even nonexistent aside from the result. […]

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Mind Meld 75 | Fractal Futures with Michael Garfield

Writer, speaker, musician and visionary artist, Michael Garfield returns for another mind meld! LISTEN | ITUNES YOUTUBE ARCHIVE STITCHER Crowd-sponsor these mind melds, get exclusive content and receive rewards! Things are happening. Things are happening very, very quickly. Faster than ever. We’re surely hurtling toward something, but what is it? A technology-soaked dopamine dystopia that makes today’s vacant scroll-fests look timid? Or, […]

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